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FIFA 15 532 advantages and disadvantages

FIFA 15 5-3-2 is a typical rely on counter attacking formation, strong defensive ability! But the formation also sacrifice control of the midfield. Rely mainly on two forward opportunities to create goals before cooperation, higher requirements for the ball forward. This formation biggest change is to strengthen the use of two full-backs in the offensive and defensive use a more flexible way to participate in the offense and defense.

The advantage of 5-3-2:
This kind of system arrangement of five players in the back, is a typical defensive play, often used in weaker opponent. The formation fight back when the focal point lies in two winger or a striker and timely with the full-back, therefore, the middle and front side is the key area of the formation fast counter-attack.

5-3-2 the disadvantage:
Forward one or two or two forwards full-backs, is formed after back end, at quarterback team should be the choice of motor, flexible position, positive movement to create space and participate in the attack. But this need players consciousness! Frontcourt players or with midfielder quickly form at the same time cooperate, attack each other's goal and so on, these need to be subtle in passing! Attack is a whole, however, through effective passing between regions or personal attack, complete the offensive, keep three line depth distance is very important for 532. So the formation of the biggest disadvantage is that you can keep your system!

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