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FAQs About FIFA 18

1. When does FIFA 18 release? - September 29, 2017. When FIFA 18 released, you can buy FIFA 18 coins.

2. What's the new features in FIFA 18? - They are real player motion technology, player personality, dribbling overhaul, dramatic moments, brand-new team style and immersive atmostophere.

3. why did Switch version miss outsome features that Xbox One, PC, PS4 has? - Lazarescu said too many contents may make players be at a loss who never played FIFA series before. After all these contents are added step by step in several periods.

4. Why would Suarez (93) be in the top three? - Perhaps many would question. Suarez entered the club two years ago with over 90 rating. From one man who holds Liverpool to one of Barcelona's trident, Suarez's personal abilities do indeed on his own. He is a national hero who went back to the country the President picked up.

On the pitch, his destructive power in the box is a headache for all his opponents. Forget the unhappy things that preceded it. Suarez's personal ability does not seem to be questioned. His near-unintelligible offense and his desire for victory made him absolutely qualified for the 90+ rating.

And next season, Barcelona without Neymar will face a bigger challenge. Suarez's burden is more important on the offensive end. That if he can overcome injuries also became an important issue. But there is no doubt that healthy Suarez will always be a nightmare for any opponent on the offensive end.

5. Will you sell FIFA coins Nintendo Switch? - Yes, we will. Imfifa.co will sell the cheapest FIFA coins like FIFA 17.

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