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Enrique Annoys Ter Stegen

Last Sunday, Barcelona got their third trophy for Club World Cup in its history and all the players were laughing except one, ter Stegen. Actually, he almost had no smile at all, which was a sharp contrast with the happy atmosphere.

According to www.imfifa.co, Enrique did not give even one minute to ter Stegen for the Club World Cup. The surprising decision annoyed the German goalkeeper because he was thinking the possibility of leaving Barcelona at the end of the season. He thought he did not come to Barcelona to be a substitute, but now the coach trusted Bravo more. Enrique must solve this difficult problem.

Ter Stegen hopes he can be the goalkeeper of the German national team, but if things go on like this in Barcelona, he prospect in the national team will be very bad. He knows that in other leagues, such as the Premier League, he has a good reputation. What do you think? And click here for cheap FIFA coins by the code imfifacom.