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EA Unveils FIFA 18 New Integrations In The Game That Fans Eagerly Awaiting

FIFA 18 Cover

The release date for FIFA 18!
This is most importan news to fans, But unfortuntely, The release date for FIFA 18 is not yet known. However, the noise corridor gave the impression that the game could well show the tip of its nose to the end of the year. In addition, FIFA 15 games, 16 and 17 are all three out on the same date a year apart, between 22 and 23 September. It is therefore likely that the new game Eletronic Arts FIFA 18 so also the end of September 2017.  To be confirmed of course, even if the dates us a rough stretch of its release.

A graphics engine that brings a lot!


While FIFA 18 will include a feature that players will lover the game, the graphics engine Frostbite is going to bring a lot to the game Fifa 18 . According to the director of the Studio Electronic Arts, Fifa game saga will indeed new graphics courses through Frostbiste engine . It will therefore sacred changes, either ground level of football, players and even the audience will surely done better. Fifa 18 thus promises great things, players Playstation , Xbox, Switch and PC will certainly be delighted with these changes. The Frostbite engine will allow the series Fifa to explore new territories graphics.

Chinese Super League ?
And yes, more news in the game Fifa 18 , it will be possible to vote for the championship you want in the game . For this, so you can simply go to Fifa Play where you have a wide selection which therefore will offer you. So you can decorate more tournaments the game Fifa 18 . And spend more time on the game and meet challenges or goals you give. Also you can do it on all consoles, both the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and finally on PC.

Will EA finally listening to the players of FIFA Or not ?
The developers of the game Fifa 18 have therefore listened to the players of the franchise. And EA has announced that FIFA 18 would propose a reworked functionality all players waiting. I speak well of the adventure mode. A petition has been launched by a group of players who wish to see a career mode online. For now, this is more than 6000 signatures were collected. Not enough for the firm EA listens. However, if the shot is becoming increasingly important, who knows, the studio may lend attention to requests from fans of Fifa 18 . After all, it is thanks to them that the license works.

Will FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) mode increase rewards?


FIFA 18 Coins

As it has been in previous, Hope This feature will still be happened in FIFA 18 and improve, complete full matches can earn FIFA coins. One player can earn 500 FUT 18 Coins just for winning the game in  FUT mode. Depending on the player's performance, it is possible to increase amount of rewards. then players are excited in winning the games and keep up the momentum because of obtaining more FIFA 18 coins.