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EA Need to Make A Different Stats To Top Players Like PES

When the Ball Falls To Gonzalo Higua¨an Inside The Box, Probabilities Will be the Juventus Striker Is Having A Shot On Target. Though The Keeper Might Deny Him Using a Excellent Save, It's Unlikely The Argentinian Hitman Will Blast The Ball Wide Just because Players Didn't Really Press The Shoot Button When The Game Wanted Them To.

That Ought to Only Definitely Occur When Gamers Are Playing As Teams Of Lesser Top quality, Not Using the Very best Within the World.

Yet another Supply Of Frustration May be the Speed Challenge. When Cristiano Ronaldo Thrusts Forward Like Football's Most Graceful Gazelle, He's Tough To Catch. Players Should not Be Punished By Slowdown (Enabling Cpu Defenders To Catch Up), And That's What Takes place In Fifa. It Does not In Pes.

Probabilities Are That Stats Will Make A Difference To the Top rated Performers In Konami's Franchise. The Outcome Is a Much Better Flow Of Match; The Stars Stand Out As Difference-makers, As well as the Rest Have to Either Tweak Tactics Or Quit Them With Force And Accept The Referee's Punishment.