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EA FIFA Made Cathrine To Become A Gambler

Cathrine is 19 years old, he is from Madrid and he says he is a gambler because of FIFA: "I stole money from my parents each day to buy FIFA players. I have almost spent Euro 300 weekly. " This young guy have begun to invest real money in players since 2014 years, like other gamers , wanted to have in his dream team to football stars like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi to be the best in online tournaments.

The popular FIFA video game (EA SPORTS) is famous with millions of players around the world. Specifically, FIFA 17 Series sold 15 million copies . It is a video game more than millions of people spend hours, but for some it has become an addiction in which some young people invest or bet all their money, including their parents.

Ultimate team : A slot machine in a soccer game
This year's edition of FIFA 18 has an approximate price of Euro 60 for game consoles such as PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, but "to be the best you have to spend a lot more," says Cathrine. The game has a modality called Ultimate Team, in which you start with a humble team, but to be able to pass the level it is necessary to have the main stars of football. These players can be obtained by millions of FIFA coins (virtual currencies of the video game that are obtained playing) or with FIFA Points (that are obtained with real money). For every match played you can get about 600 FIFA coins. The best players can cost millions of coins. it is  the reason that so many young people are encouraged to spend money.

FIFA offers the possibility of buying "packages" (with real or virtual currencies) that contain from big players to 'mediocre'. Opening one of those packages' resembles the operation of a slot machine , an act accompanied by lights and sounds that generates intrigue, expectation and addiction. In the jargon of the gamer world , opening these packages' is known as Pack Opening and has become a fashion followed by thousands of young people.

"Every day I would steal three or four Euro from my parents to buy Fifa Points and be able to open packs. My friends did it and so did I. We wanted to have the best team, "Cathrine explains as he recalls an episode that created a real conflict in the family. "One morning I decided to take 50 Euro. My parents were unemployed and they accused each other of wasting money, despite being in a difficult situation. Some time later I confessed that I was the one who stole the money and asked them for help. I no longer play FIFA. I'm afraid to relapse, "laments Cathrine, recalling these five years of addiction.