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EA FIFA 19 regained the UEFA official authorization

Some time ago in this month, we received news that the PES series below KONAMI lost the authorization in the UEFA Champions League. In current days we received one more message relating to the qualification from the UEFA Champions League: The EA FIFA series regained the UEFA official authorization.

In accordance with Evert ten Napel, a Dutch FOX Sports commentator, he completed the FIFA 19 Dutch dubbing process with one more commentator Youri Mulder within a studio in Utrecht. As outlined by him, this FIFA 19 formally joined the contents of your UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup. At present, they have completed the relevant perform of FIFA 19. The game has entered the testing stage and will be officially listed in October 2018.

Even though it is only an rumor at the moment, provided the identity in the individual who broke the news, the credibility of this rumor continues to be quite high. The EA official may also hold a press conference before the E3 exhibition held around the 10th of subsequent month. It may be a correct time for EA to announce that the FIFA 19 have gained the UEFA offcial authorization.

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