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Draxler Will Join Paris Saint Germain

According to imfifa reported that Wolfsburg midfielder Draxler will soon join the Paris Saint-Germain. So Arsenal's chance to dig him has been basically lost.

Draxler's trade will be completed soon, they have reached an agreement with Paris Saint-Germain on the case of Draxler. Draxler's transfer fee will total be 45 million euros, of which Paris Saint-Germain will first pay 35 million euros, then according to his performance to decide whether to pay the remaining 10 million euros. Draxler will get a three to four year contract.

Last summer, Draxler joined Wolfsburg with 36 million euros from Schalke 04, but far from the team's expectations. So far he got only two assists, and even got an internal suspension in the team, But he is still a popular player in the transfer market.

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