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Does James Rodriguez has Hope to Start

Benitez did not let James Rodríguez into the starting lineup against Sporting Gijon, maybe he considered James Rodríguez's rejoin late for participating in the America's Cup, but it also can be regarded as a flaw. The fact that J Lo stood on the bench  not only made we fans unhappy, but also made the player himself very upset. According to iMfifa, J Lo was both disappointed and angry after learning that he has to substitute. Even though he was very dissatisfied and once refused to do warm-up and preparation activities, he eventually made a sacrifice for the interests of the team.

However the playmaker should be J Lo, nobody has his powers of observation. As Real Madrid, they did not need to engage in dual lumbar, only one of Cross and Modric should play. Personally I prefer Modric to start.

J Lo has also posted a phote in training through social network, and made it clear that "I'm feeling better than that at any time". He passed the message to the coach that he is ready. How will the final arrangements be? Welcome to discuss and Buy Fifa Coins at www.imfifa.co.