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Discussing the Most ironically Transfer with iMfifa

Joey Barton has taken strong temperament of a problem juvenile since he entered the professional league, and most fans are always full of doubt and anger with his bizarre behavior. However, Barton always goes his own way without any control. His football career has also been a bumpy trip accompanied by his bad mood.

In 2013 at Turf mole stadium, Burnley fans once threw Coke bottle to Barton from the stand and Barton was hit in the head badly, which made Barton very angry and before he returned to Burnley game in 2014, Barton also played the bickering with Burnley fans on Twitter because of the "Coke bottle incident ". In addition, Barton has publicly stated that he would never kick the Championship.

However, the 32-year-old veteran Burnley eventually signed with Burnley for one year. How does the weirdo think then? Some people say that men should do what he said! But think about all kinds of alternative behavior of Barton, perhaps the choice is his style. In the end, if you want to discuss or buy FIFA 16 coins, please don't hesitate to clike here www.imfifa.co.