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Different Player Cards in FIFA 18

Any player can be injured in any match. The probabilities of it are higher if the player does have a lower fitness. Moreover, it can occur, if the challenger applies an aggressive playing fashion. During the time of occurrence, player can find two particular types of information that are to be available in printed form in his card. The information narrates the number of missing games and the sorts of receiving injuries. If a player makes him take rest in the reserves for the injury period, the player is to be cured usually and turns out to be available to play again. Fifa coins is the in-game currency of Fifa 18 ultimate team like the past editions.

Fitness cards become ineffective if a player does have an injury. In this instance, gamer is to use a healing card if a gamer likes to apply this player instantly. Alternatively, gamer can apply minimally decrease his downtime.

Games can figure out two kinds of healing cards. The ones that are particular for each kind of injury including foot, leg, knee, arm, head, back, or upper body can decrease five matches maximally. There are the others that can heal a player for any sort of injury while decreasing the wait for four matches maximally. Applying one of these cards makes the number of matches written on the card of player decrease based on its level. If the demarcation between them is equivalent or less than zero, gamer is to be able to apply the player precisely. If the demarcation is superior, gamer can keep using the curing cards unless gamer can have his player entirely cured or gamer can wait unless he recuperates usually in the residual downtime.

In the gameplay of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, the cards of wounded players do have an X upon it. It is not probable to use a healing card upon the players that are not wounded. In contrast, gamer can use the curing card as gamer likes it upon the wounded players.