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Depay May Leave Manchester United

When talk about Depay, Manchester United fans have mixed feeling. According to imfifa reports, Manchester United are selling the 22-year-old Dutch winger.

Depay in the summer of 2015 joined Manchester United from Eindhoven with 25 million pounds. 21 years old Depay has strong body, tough style of play and was regarded as the core player for Van Gaal. But his performance in the Premier League was disappointing. In the Premier League's first season, he scored 29 games and 2 goals.

This season, Jose Mourinho took office, Depay became the player in the edge, so far the season he only played once as starting. In addition, his appearance in Manchester United was only 24 minutes. Now the team wanted to sell him, and so far, Everton was most interested in him.

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