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Deco farewell game for both teams Messi Barcelona Porto

Portugal 19:45, local time, 25, deco farewell to compete at the dragon stadium, Porto 2004 4-4 draw with Barcelona 2006 finally, deco respectively two teams score, Lionel messi and eto 'o have goals.

In 1997, 19-year-old joined Porto deco. After six seasons 46 goals in 226 games, so in 2004 with the team to win the champions league after Barcelona's phase. The 161 games to play for Barcelona 4 years scored 22 goals, in 2006 also won the European cup for Barcelona. Then Chelsea career and nurmi soft plug, and also won the premier league and brasileiro. In August 2013, deco announced his retirement in 36 years old birthday, perfect ending 17 years of his career.