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Deadline to June 30th of Milan Share Transferring

There is new progress about the share transfer transaction of Milan. Since Berlusconi will accept a surgery, the West Fininvest Group hopes the Chinese consortium extends the exclusive agreement which was scheduled until June 15th to June 30th. As a result, the Chinese consortium's plan of acquiring Milan are temporarily shelved.

As is known to all, because of the exclusive agreement, before June 15th, Milan can only contact with the Chinese investors on the transfer of shares. It is said that many of the details of the deal had been settled. However, what is unexpected is that at this critical moment, Berlusconi is in trouble.

Berlusconi, about to turn 80 years old, was rushed to hospital because of physical discomfort. His doctor broke that the former Italian prime minister was quite ill. According to imfifa, Berlusconi will undergo a cardiac surgery on June 14. Although it will not endanger his life, after the surgery, he will still be sent to ICU.

After consultation, the two sides extend the period of exclusive agreement to June 30th. Although Berlusconi is not the specific trade negotiators, without his organization and finalization, the trade between the two sides will still not be able to continue. However, you can buy cheap FIFA 16 Coins without him.