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Data to judge the champions league the best players and the team

After the champions league group stage of the season, the specific data is the most direct evaluation of teams and players.

Player: Lionel messi
Although messi's performance in la liga this season there are ups and downs, but he absolutely outstanding in the uefa champions league game. All six group games for barca, messi, and scored 8 goals, he also helped Barcelona got the top of their group. With the champions league group stage of the season and the highest scoring player Lionel messi has become champions league history. It is worth mentioning that messi the eight goals and no penalty, all gold content is dye-in-the-wood.

Best team: real Madrid
Real Madrid this season in the champions league group stage only a team of six wins. Carlo ancelotti's side, scoring 16 goals in the group stage game scoring close to 3. Such performance and the data is enough to make real Madrid champions league this season's most popular candidate. As the champions league last season, real Madrid can break the defending champions league without team situation in recent years has become one of the focus of attention.

Coach: ya Tim
French Monaco will be able to get in the champions league this season group leaders, their boss ya, "Tim. Different from real Madrid, bayern Munich and Barcelona club, Monaco lost this season falcao, J lo, such as core players, the team's strength decreased a lot. In the face of such situation, jas to Tim team made a very solid tactics. Six uefa champions league group game, Monaco three wins and two draws. The team although only scored four goals, but also lost a ball, is the goal at least team in the group stage.

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