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Danilo Will Join Juventus

According to imfifa news, Juventus has found Alves's substitute.They locked Real Madrid fullback Danilo. Juventus's purchase of Danilo has been completed, and now the last step is the official announcement of both sides.

According to imfifa revealed that Juventus will pay 20 million euros transfer fee, compared to that of 2 years ago, Real Madrid lost 11.5 million euros. In fact, since joining Real Madrid in 2015, Danilo hasn't played a convincing performance. Last season, Danilo only won 17 La Liga startings and 3 Champions League startings. He was completely at a disadvantage in the competition with Carvajal.

Danilo will get a fixed playing time and a generous contract when joins Juventus. Danilo will get a pre-tax contract with annual salary of 5 million in Juventus.

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