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Cristiano ronaldo rent 4 aircraft for his family to watch 2014 World Cup

Brazilian air force said Wednesday that world footballer of the year, the Portuguese star cristiano ronaldo for his family package 4 small business aircraft, let them together to watching the World Cup in Brazil. Brazilian air force aviation management center director umberto lino captain said: "the Portuguese national team will arrive on June 7, campinas, arrived in Brazil with cristiano ronaldo will also have a plane carrying 200 reporters plane and 4 C Laurence family small business aircraft."

Portugal's first game will be held on June 16 in el Salvador, Germany. With their points in group G and the United States and Ghana. Although the Brazilian air force for the World Cup all participating teams ready military airport for their aircraft take-off and landing, but because the Portugal camp where the campinas, there is no air force base, so Portugal's plane will land in the local commercial airports.

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