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Cristiano ronaldo in the champions league goal tied raul

The champions league group stage round 5 to continue. In a war with focus, real Madrid away 1-0 win over Basel. Cristiano ronaldo scored in the first half, the Portuguese champions league scoring 71 goals in his career, scoring tied raul tied for second history. Real Madrid sent cristiano ronaldo, benzema, J, bear, cross, Israel, etc. All main midfield play.

35 minutes, benzema play breakthrough comes back to the bottom line, ronaldo was easy to kick the ball net in front of the door. The first half, real Madrid 1-0 lead.

77th minute, cristiano ronaldo finish popup, hit on the left side of the pillar failure to rewrite the score.

With a 1-0 win in the end, real Madrid, and won 15 straight wins in all competitions, real advantage firmly lock in the group with 9 points. Real Madrid advantage firmly lock the group with 9 points. Real Madrid coach carlo ancelotti also tied for mourinho and munoz, and lined up the longest winning streak. Cristiano ronaldo has scored 71 goals in the champions league career, equalling raul's champions league goals, from Lionel messi also sent three goals.

In addition, Arsenal beat borussia Dortmund 2-0 in the emirates stadium, ahead of a round into the top 16, y in the opening two minutes to break the deadlock, sanchez in the second half. Juventus 2-0 win against malmo on the road, slightly trent and carlos tevez in the second half of each into a ball. Juventus have broken the champions league away winless spell, this is Juventus since February 2013 in the champions league for the first time on the road to win.

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