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Cristiano ronaldo club World Cup defeat

Although ronaldo in the club World Cup did not play the best level, failed coach carlo ancelotti at the end of the semi-finals think he leave final goal commitment, but still with the semi-finals two assists the club World Cup arguably award. Already impressive in a club to win everything, but the implementation team again in the second club honour and the "grand slam" of personal honor, can load the glorious history.

Cristiano ronaldo at real Madrid win la liga and the champions league, during the king's cup and club World Cup champion, Spanish super cup, he personally won the FIFA golden ball and the European golden boot. During the period of Manchester united, cristiano ronaldo won the premiership, the champions league, club World Cup champion, the fa cup and community shield champion, he won the European golden ball in the field of personal honor, the world footballer of the year, the European golden boot, and the best player. The Portuguese to become the world's first grand slam in two different clubs complete football player.

Cristiano ronaldo from just one step two grand slam: at the individual and collective level, get all the trophies in two different clubs. In Sir Alex ferguson, ronaldo got everything, he conquered all the domestic and international trophies. On a personal level, he got the golden globe, the golden shoe award and tied pele premiership player of the honor. At real Madrid, after obtains the club World Cup trophy, he repeated the feat at Manchester united.

The club World Cup final, cristiano ronaldo failed to score, but he used two grand slam miracle, proved his football first energy, ronaldo can show a smile.

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