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Cristiano ronaldo as a captain in the champions league

In the game against real Madrid a memorable, coach carlo ancelotti has carried on the rotation, in order to renew pro-jects, retained in the starting line-up for three big star cristiano ronaldo, bell and cross. Real Madrid captain iker casillas third captain, vice captain ramos, marcelo and fourth captain pepe did not play, cristiano ronaldo to wear the captain's armband. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time the Portuguese captain roles in the champions league

Within the first 19 minutes, navarre in front of the header, but by the other players start to hand off the line, the referee decisively red card will be the latter, and a penalty, cristiano ronaldo, taking in the champions league history on top scorer with 72 goals beyond real Madrid legend raul (71) second, their goals in the tournament are now second only behind Barcelona player Lionel messi (74).

At the same time, the Portuguese champions league penalty goal number and total European goals are both tied Lionel messi. Cristiano ronaldo's penalty goal let the bernabeu fans cheered loudly: "cristiano ronaldo), golden ball!" To match break even messi's champions league top scorer in the history record, playing a full game cristiano ronaldo, he kept trying to shoot, the match he completed a total of 10 shots, but without success.

Brazilian superstar ronaldo at the bernabeu stadium to watch the game, in his view, this year's golden globe results too clear, must be cristiano ronaldo. 2014-15 season, ronaldo has scored 30 goals, eight assists, the Spanish 23 goals in the champions league five goals 1 assists, European super cup scored two goals, this goal at an amazing pace. 2013-14 season ronaldo 17 goals in the champions league, the champions league this season five goals, added up to 22 goals, and at this time, Lionel messi and omar combined in the champions league goals to 21.

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