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Cristiano Ronaldo will be crowned champions league top scorer

Real Madrid coach carlo ancelotti said: "want to surpass Cristiano Ronaldo is very difficult, this year's golden globes suspense has not. "Ancelotti praised his love will like this: "Cristiano Ronaldo did not say every game, but is very difficult to let him rest rotation, he not only the body is very strong, more important, as long as he can play goal, we almost can maintain game starts from the real Madrid 1-0 lead. "Cristiano Ronaldo has reached 69, the current champions league goal from the champions league top scorer raul history only 2 balls.

Although there are no too big as in the Brazilian World Cup, but led real Madrid win the champions league ronaldo 10th stage is invincible at the club and he has just broken the Spanish dusty start scoring record of 71-8 rounds of crazy 15 goals, just within the maldives and Lionel Messi is the summation of the la liga goals this season. Cristiano Ronaldo again best performance stage, it is to start the champions league third round of group stage, real Madrid and Liverpool play "war of the king", the two teams a total of 15 times won the champions league, Cristiano Ronaldo with Liverpool in the past nine times, made two goals in five wins and a draw three negative record.

Is proportional to the state of Cristiano Ronaldo, has made the town after the defeat of real Madrid last 7 wins in a row, currently in la liga table row 3, only four points behind the leaders Barcelona, and Liverpool's new season off to a bad start, currently only ranked fifth in the premiership, Chelsea nine points behind the leaders, the premier league 8 rounds, they rely on the opponent's two own goal in stoppage time to beat queens park rangers, main strikers sturridge injury, balotelli still 0 goals, assists after return to the premiership. And Liverpool team home game against Spain, 14 games only four games victory, in contrast, real Madrid's record in the England team is 6-3-5.

In terms of goals, the new season Messi Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be less strong, but he is, after all, the Brazilian World Cup winner, Argentina is also considered him a one-man team. Don't forget more, Barcelona are still is the Spanish "leader", Lionel Messi in the new season 10 goals, assists reached 10 times, not only on the two data league, or the new season first European five big league goals and assists on the "double" players. Does well, the macy's new season there are signs of growing "domineering", he is already a Barcelona deserved "bosses", not even the end is in charge.

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