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Cristiano Ronaldo to break a record 71 and Messi close to la liga

In the west currently sit 8 open round the first few RACES, two giants real Madrid and Barcelona in order. They respectively to 5-0 and 3-0 easily escape attempt levante and Mr Anwar. The Spanish giants will usher in a highly anticipated next weekend national Derby, they also have the champions league group stage next week. The fight strength is not strong competitors, is really the best training opportunity. Therefore, levante and Mr Anwar has unfortunately become two superstar C Ronaldo and messi after a witness to the record.

At this point, C Ronaldo in the Spanish goal number has to reach 192, one of the top 10 in the league goals, distance of 9, edmundo suarez, only three goals. And achieve these goals, ronaldo in just 172 games. On the other hand, C Ronaldo scored 15 goals in the league, 8 rounds before become west yet a score the most goals in the opening round 8. The previous record holder is 1943 cut orvieto striker Emmanuel varia, he scored 14 goals in eight games. Until C Ronaldo this season starts before the outbreak, a feat in 71 years, no one can do it.

Barcelona's 3-0 victory at home to Mr Anwar. Harvey, break the deadlock, Lionel messi and his scoring, respectively. Barcelona continue to comfortable with four points, and the wheel will have on the road of national Derby. The 74th minute, omar ginobli, Lionel messi broke into his 250th league goals, the 200th goal in camp nou. After the game, his highest scoring record distance Sara la liga history left with 1 ball, the next game against real Madrid, Lionel messi is likely to make history.

In addition, the Spanish king's cup 32 have been drawn, real Madrid and Barcelona and atletico Madrid with half in the area, the defending champions real Madrid in Spain's third league cole; Barcelona it is from the third league west card, atletico Madrid meet Austin pita Wright. Real Madrid could face atletico Madrid in the round of 16, the two could face Barcelona in the last eight of the winner.

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