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Cristiano Ronaldo scored in the champions league the 70th ball

The 2014-2015 season third round of the champions league group stage. The focus of a battle in group B, Cristiano Ronaldo of real Madrid away 3-0 victory over Liverpool. Real Madrid to win is still rely on Cristiano Ronaldo, Arsenal habitual reversal, Juventus away from SAP in Greece, Dortmund has bounced back with bayer leverkusen, atletico Madrid is dedicated the 5-0. Cristiano Ronaldo scored 70 champions league career, raul's 71 record only 1 ball. For the first time it was Cristiano Ronaldo scoring against Liverpool, has been paid to anfield scoring 22 away in Europe, he also tied the macy's tied for first in history.

Cristiano Ronaldo in 10 games games scoring, a real Madrid career best record, at the same time, the champions league for 10 games against the goal, is also a first champions league history. 23 minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo volley shot under Martin skrtel man-marking the goal on the left side of the net. 30 minutes, cross pass on the left big Angle of the area, the area on the right side of benzema clipped goal. After 41 minutes, pepe header stop corner transverse knock before fall on the ground, benzema door rule into an empty net. Liverpool 3-0 at backward, and also of the champions league final in Istanbul in 2005 for the first time after the night of champions league first conceded three goals but also tied the record lost the ball team in the champions league home.

3-0 backward, had been lethargic Liverpool didn't wake up. Joe Allen in the edge of the area, finish brush on the left side of the column wide, library moutinho long shots she bounced the left post. However, real Madrid have openings, Cristiano Ronaldo in the 64th minute and he lai one-on-one, but his shot was the reds goalkeeper Portuguese off with their feet. The 75th minute, marked by Cristiano Ronaldo khedira substituted, real Madrid began to retreat, 3-0 score were they keep up to the final.

Hit the nail on the head of the post-match comments: "the football sometimes is so helpless, have to accept some of the team is stronger than you. Because of the past with the champions league, Kop stands to hang 'European royal banner, but real Madrid is a reminder of the Liverpool who is the king of Europe. "In addition, Cristiano Ronaldo or the champions league first 10 consecutive away game players scoring goals. Said after the game, Cristiano Ronaldo for the champions league scoring record doesn't matter, "I don't care about the champions league history record of most goals, the game is the best team scored 9 points now."

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