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Costa Turns Out to Be A Charitarian

Diego Costa recently became the target of all Arsenal fans once again. Some people even bombarded him as a serial liar. However, a message suddenly changed a lot of people's impression on him. Actually, Costa has been secretly funding an orphanage operated by an Arsenal fan.

According to www.imfifa.co, the fan who is called arsefan left a message and described the story of Costa and William supporting his orphanage secretly, which attracted people's attention. He wrote that he and his wife run a small orphanage but they were not rich so it was hard to run the place. Last October, he received a call and it turned out to be the Chelsea stars Costa and William. They each donated 50,000 pounds and that made the orphanage go on. Later, Costa bought 30 blankets from Chelsea store and invited him to his school.

Costa grew up in the Brazilian slum. At the beginning of 2015, he was disclosed to doing on a project which benefits Brazil Lagarto children.  He wants Brazil's children to stay away from street violence and drugs. By the way, click here for cheap FIFA coins.