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Cores of Italian National Team

According to the top 20 players in Italian history selected by Gazzetta dello Sport, Totti is better than Buffon and Andrea Pirlo among the active players in Italy. During the last two decades, first-generation core of the Italian national team is Baggio. Although he has not got the World Cup, he was a hero carrying the Italian team. In addition to the championship, he has got everything.

Then Piero rised sharply and replaced Baggio, becoming the second-generation core. But it did not last long, and he was soon replaced by Totti. Then Totti became Italy's third-generation core, until the 2006 World Cup. As the core, he got the long-lost championship for Italy. While his individual performance still remains open to question.

After that, because of the Calciopoli scandal and the overall drop of Italian football, there is no longer a recognized core appearing in Italy. Stay tuned at our site www.imfifa.co for more information, and you can also buy Cheap FIFA coins here.