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Continuation of Tips to Play FIFA 18 Like a Pro

Yesterday, we imfifa have talked about four tips. Does it help you a lot? Today, we will continue to teach you three more tips. Of course, if you want to buy FIFA coins, you can buy here now.

Watch your opponent - Play online, watch and learn from your opponents. Most gamers have a specific style or group of actions they always use, even if they don't realize it.

When you figure out these patterns, it's easier to manipulate your players on the pitch and find holes in their strategy. This doesn't work every time, but don't skip this strategy! They may also be studying your strategy.

Don't just use superstars. Yes, it's great to have big names like Ronaldo and Messi, and they've scored a lot of goals. but how did they get the cross and pass that set them up? They certainly don't pass it to themselves. It is important for every team to have players to form forwards.

In other words, there's more to building your list than just statistics and celebrity gamers. Invest time developing your list, which will make you win!

FIFA 18 Tips: practice suits and techniques - Practice isn't everyone's best fun, but it helps you gets better. You'd rather spend an hour kicking the corner right, or on the Internet, and that's what imfifa thinks. So practice your penalties. That's what I think - so practice your free throws, corner kicks, defensive strategies, and even try new things before you go online. This will make you look like a natural soccer player and give you some goals in the process.

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