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Confidence is the most important to take the 3 points

Arsenal's "the art of football" is always the Arsenal fans are proud of the capital, also once in the Premiership to become an independent school. However, in the presence of recent poor record, the future is also faced with a choice, is a more pragmatic still insist on art?

Arsenal goalkeeper Sze J Ni made a choice, in an interview he said: "the team is in the FIFA in four consecutive matches, so I can get back on the winning track is the most important, three points is everything. At the weekend and Wigan team 120 minutes after the war the physical situation is not very good, so is the key to win the game. We want to bring that to continue until the end of the season, as long as you can win, and play well or not is not important."

Direct rivals Arsenal and Everton in the early morning of the Premier League's 2-3 defeat to Crystal Palace, ending their 7 game winning streak in the league, also makes the arsenal to 1 points advantage to beat opponents ranked fourth. Two weeks ago Everton in the 3-0 home win over A Senna, now Everton lost apparently accidental A Senna team expected. The four game in the future Everton will also face challenges both Manchester clubs, Arsenal's schedule is relatively easy. So Everton to go beyond Arsenal won the Champions League next season, hope is very slim.

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