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Comparation of FIFA 18 and PES 2018 Part One

There is almost no competition in sports video, but soccer/world football is one of the few sports that can offer a variety of products to fans. Each year, EA Sports' FIFA and Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer compete in their field.

With the release of PES 2018 and the coming release of FIFA 18, the next competetion is in the work. Which one would you buy? Let's break two games and decided which one had an advantage in each field.

EA's power of empowerment is enormous
Konami has made efforts to bridge the gap between PES and FIFA, but with no real peak in the premier league and la liga and kit at the same time. They are still in the fight for an uphill battle. PES allows fans to customize each club in the game, creating and sharing the EPL and la liga properties each year. But it's not necessarily officially included in the game.

PES on the journey has not yet gone
EA Sports has launched a "journey" for FIFA 17. The single-player game story mode creats a gem. Vision, stories, and alternative experiences not only perform well, but also provide a PES layer. There is no such thing as a "journey" in PES.

The game is a tie. PES's best attribute is the last three versions of the game. Last year, PES was better than FIFA, but not this year. EA Sports has made great strides in the game through enhancing dribbling and artificial intelligence.

Imfifa won't say that FIFA 18 has better gameplay than PES 2018, but Imfifa would say that I am the two games have same interesting experience.