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Coincidence the chinese football team entering the Asian Cup

Although China’s football has never been looked up, but what a surprise once it has one or two breakthrough.Especially the 2015 Asian Cup qualifiers last night, the Chinese team still beat Thailand to enter the third group match with a goal difference advantage,scoring the Asian Cup,after losing to Iraq .

In the Chinese team vs Iraq game, Chinese team was eligible to fight for the third qualifying group, behind two goal difference to another group’s competitor Lebanese. While the China’s team played a ball, Thailand scored a magical goal, the score became 2-5, the China’s team had a magical reversion.

At this point, a fan from Iraq broke into the stadium, kissing the coach of Iraq and then exiting calmly.The game was delayed 2 minutes because of it. This also allowed the stoppage time delayed up to 5 minutes. At the end of Thailand game, , the China’s football competition just entered stoppage time,and the China’s football team had outleted at this time.

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