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Chelsea Want to Buy Mkhitaryan

Imfifa revealed that Chelsea's transfer budget this summer is not more than 77.3 million pounds. The amount of money is not too much. Therefore, they have to buy some high cost-effective players.

It is said that Chelsea hope to use 38.7 million pounds to buy Dortmund midfielder Mkhitaryan. His contract and Dortmund is only one year left.

This season, Mkhitaryan had an outstanding performance in Dortmund. He played 51 times and scored 23 goals. He played as attacking midfielder, but he can also play as winger. Now he is 27 years old which is his prime period. Therefore, if Chelsea can successfully buy the Bundesliga player, their midfield strength is bound to be increased dramatically.

Last season, their attacking midfielder Oscar didn't have a good performance. In this case, Chelsea need to introduce a powerful attacking midfielder. More information is on imfifa.co where you can buy cheap FIFA 16 Coins.