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Chelsea Still Sucks

Recently, Hazard accepted an interview from www.imfifa.co. He forthrightly responded the problems in Chelsea this season in the interview, including Chelsea's coaching dispute, the team's performance, and so on.

Reporters are most concerned about Mourinho's getting fired. Hazard did not avoid the question. He thought they should share the responsibility. Chelsea players were the real culprit. Now, they are still alive and kicking on the pitch, but Mourinho paid the price. Their performance was bad, so after Mourinho's departure, he sent him a text and told him that he was very sorry.Hazard did not avoid his own responsibility. He acknowledged he performed badly this season, far below expectations.

As for Hiddink taking over the team, Hazard said that although there was a small pick up,the results of Chelseawere not much difference. By the way, if you want to buy the cheapest FIFA coins, click here.