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Chelsea Need to Strengthen the Defense

After a nightmare season, Chelsea can not wait to start planning for next season. They were making preparation for the summer signings. More related news is on imfifa.co where cheap FIFA 16 Coins are sold.

Imfifa said they have contacted German national team and Dortmund defender Mats Hummels. 35-year-old captain John Terry had a decline, and he is likely to leave the club this summer. Chelsea urgent need a trusted leader to hold up the whole team. 27 years old experienced Hummels is the most suitable candidate.

As the main force of the German national team, Hummels does not have a broker. So his father deals with his transfer negotiations. To strengthen the defense has become a top priority after Conte taking office. But Chelsea has no chance to play the Champions League next season, which is very unfavorable for buying Hummels.