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Chelsea Mourinho is ready to swimming with Europe shark

iMfifa.COM, Cheap Fifa 15 Coins buying online, Mourinho insists Chelsea will show no fear, when infested they dive into the Fifa Champions League last 16 shark waters. Mourinho's team had got back on track with a 3-1 win over Sporting Lisbon in the Fifa final group G in the Standford bridge Wednesday erased their first defeat of the Fifa 15 season, in Newcastle on the weekend of the bitter.

As the first Fifa group, the Blues will knockout stage in a Fifa Ligue 1 club was pitted the lavish of Europe's elite Fifa club competition Paris Saint Germain, Italian Fifa champions Juventus, the Swiss side Basel, Germany, Leverkusen and Ukraine and Shakhtar Donetsk in Monday's draw. Mourinho know that bear the PSG or Juventus will be a severe test of the Fifa Premier League leaders, and the Blues boss knows the quality of Basel, who eliminated Liverpool beat Chelsea two times the outlet deadlines in Fifa group.

But there is no chance to seek to prevail over others competitors like Mourinho said his Fifa 15 Ultimate team to lie in wait, as they try to improve risk semi-final last Fifa season to withdraw any problems. When asked about how he viewed the upcoming draw, Mourinho produced a typical response, unforgettable he suggested, he has no problem to assume Ibrahimovic and Paris team assembled expensive the rest.

"I like swimming with sharks - in a cage in the French Polynesia! I do, I don't want to do that, but my wife and kids pushed me," he said. "A draw is a draw. We have five possible opponents. "I think Paris will be a good thing, because it is easy to travel for us and for our Fifa 15 game fans, but we can't be sure. "Everyone is very difficult. Do you think Basel is easy? Last year we lost two times to them, they beat Liverpool Manchester United this Fifa season, in a few years ago. "Leverkusen is Germany, Donetsk miners? I don't think this is a simple team at this moment."

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