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Chelsea Hope to Buy Sergei Roberto

According to imfifa reports, Chelsea coach hope to bring Barcelona player Sergei Roberto to Stamford Bridge Stadium. In order to be able to take Premier League trophy away from the hands of Conte, Guardiola this summer greatly strengthened the strength of the team.

Roberto was originally a midfielder, but he was a versatile on the court and could play right back, while Conte needed to strengthen both midfielder and right back, and Roberto could be used to serve both. New season, Conte will also use the 343 formation, many people think that it is this formation help Chelsea last season get the Premier League title.

In the current team, Conte only Azpilicueta can play good defender right back, if you can introduce Roberto, then Kant in the midfield there is a very good helper. It is worth mentioning that Roberto's contract breach of contract only 40 million euros, Conte recently introduced Morata and other players, and now his goal is Roberto, the Barcelona players can bring a balance to Chelsea.

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