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Casey Buy a House for His Girlfriend and Son again

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"World Sports Daily" quoted media gossip news, saying Casey and his girlfriend Sarah bought a four-storey mansion in Madrid's famous affluent area La Finca, covering 800 square meters and worth 2.5 million euros.

Many stars inhabited in Madrid's La Finca area, Real Madrid fleet of C-Lo and Cross also live here. Sarah was reporter of Spain Television5. Casey and Sarah welcomed the crystallization of love-son Martin in January this year. The new house has four floors, distributing of five bedrooms, six bath room, 2 living room. In addition to the bathroom, utility room and kitchen one each, there is a large outdoor swimming pool.

However, Casey, Sarah and their youngest son seems to have no plans to move into the new White House. In February of this year, Casey had bought a house worth 1.8 million euros in La Finca and have been living in it.

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