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Carvajal May Bid Farewell to La Liga

Real Madrid officially announced the injury of Carvajal, so he will truce 3-4 weeks, which also means that Carvajal bid farewell to the La Liga. If Real Madrid enter in the final of the Champions League on June 3, then Carvajal is expected to come back.

In the first leg of the Champions League semi-final match with the Atletico Madrid, Carvajal was injured in a collide before the end of the halftime, and he was replaced. This season, he was unable to play on behalf of Real Madrid in La Liga, which is a heavy blow to Zidane's team. Carvajal is Real Madrid absolute right-back main, this season he has played 40 times for Real Madrid.

Although this season he was unable to play in La Liga, in the Champions League semi-final first round Real Madrid 3-0 victory over Atletico, if Real Madrid successfully enter the final of the Champions League on June 3, Carvajal is still expected to come back in the end of the season.

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