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Calderon Predicted C Ronaldo Would Go to Paris

Not long ago, C Ronaldo said he could kick to the age of 40, and claimed that his dream was to retire at the Bernabeu. But in the eyes of the former Real Madrid president Calderon, there is little possibility for Ronaldoof to realize his dream. While interviewing with the imfifa.co newspaper, Calderon has clearly pointed out that Ronaldo is likely to join Paris St Germain  in the next summer.

Many people heard that Paris was very interested in Ronald. Calderon thinks he is likely to be in Paris next summer. He hopes this will never happen as the former president of Real Madrid. But imfifa.co thinks it's quite possible to happen.

Now, Ronaldo  did not publicly show that he wanted to leave. Maybe he will make a decision at the end of the season, which depends on the team's performance and his feelings. The mystery will continue until he makes a decision. The relationship between C and Florentino was very cold.

We know that Ronaldo is priceless, because of his so many contributions to the team. If Manchester United or Paris would like to buy Ronaldo, they can easily take out one hundred million euros to buy cheap FIFA coins.