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Into the January transfer, CIES also released the latest five major European league players value list. Messi ranked first, valued at 200 million € 20 million.

CIES, called the The International Centre for Sports Studies, is an sports analysis agency of the Swiss-based. Their algorithm included the performance of the players (appearances, goals, etc.) since 2009, the player's characteristics (age, location, duration of contract, etc.), their team's competitiveness, as well as achievement made by their club and national team.

Here are the top ten: 1, Messi € 220 million 2, C Luo € 133 million 3, Azar € 99 million 4, Diego Costa € 84 million 5, Bo Geba € 72 million 6, Aguero € 65 million 7, Sterling € 63 million 8, Fabregas € 62 million 9, Sanchez € 61 million 10, Bell € 60 million

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