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C Ronaldo was close to raul champions league record

The Spanish real Madrid will play Liverpool, recently in the bernabeu, if real Madrid wins can advance two rounds of the champions league group stages. At the same time, the team striker C Ronaldo just into a ball again can match real Madrid legend raul's champions league scoring record. Raul, currently with 71 goals of all-time scorers for the champions league, but at the current efficiency of C Ronaldo's goal, the Portuguese is likely to be in front of the home fans to match or even surpass raul this record.

So far, C Ronaldo has been in 12 games for the real Madrid have scored. Last week 4:0 win in granada, C Ronaldo McCullough to real Madrid in the history of the first eight consecutive scoring player in the league. Another big power progress C Ronaldo is Lionel messi. Round in the champions league, Barcelona beat ajax home 3:1, messi will be the 69th champions league goals.

C Ronaldo will never to macy's first match raul scoring record, so one day earlier than messi game C Ronaldo Yiding will try my best in the game. C Ronaldo recent fine form, wheel on the Spanish also have gains, carlo ancelotti said in comments when C Ronaldo "as the team benjani, everyone can feel the good atmosphere here, always like to a teammate C Ronaldo to deliver positive energy, he can always let us in a strong position."

Carlo ancelotti and review of the current situation of real Madrid, he said: "we must show the same attitude, show the same style, we sometimes good, sometimes not very desirable, but in the end, the idea never changed. I trusted my players, it is true that nearly a period of time we played great, presumably everyone clearly and also feel very happy, every game is important.

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