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C Ronaldo is connected break real Madrid at home to reap victory

Spanish football league 2014-15 season opened 11th round competition. Real Madrid in the bernabeu, 5 to 1 victory over the kano. Salvo in C Ronaldo contribution, bell, ramos, cross and karim benzema have goals, J's mistake let valle carnot comeback in a city. After it has won eight league streak of real Madrid continue to lead cost.

Real Madrid have played well throughout the game. C Ronaldo direct passing 9 minutes, cross area on the left side of the cross, small bell, the edge of the area, slid his shot 1-0. Real Madrid to expand the score 40 minutes, J corner, header after ceng pepe, ramos conveniently to screen the ball into the gate. A city back before half-time valle cano, J lo returned error, Julio baptista the passing, bueno buckle pepe into an empty net, the first half score 1 to 2.

Real Madrid continue offensive in the second half, 55 minutes after C Ronaldo went back, cross with low shot. Real Madrid returned after just four minutes, the score to the 4-1. C Ronaldo finally get 83th minute goal, Mr Direct passing, ramos leakage, cristiano ronaldo, after the box out of the defensive ball from alvarez legs through the net, the score is locked in the 5-1. This is his 18th league goals this season, at the same time 10 consecutive league goals.

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