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C Ronaldo into euro football legend

C Ronaldo into ball don't stop, even the national team, still no one can stop the footsteps of the real Madrid icon. In the just-concluded qualifier, Portugal won 4-3 with captain C Ronaldo contribution goal, beating Armenia to 1:0. With this goal, C Ronaldo with 23 goals also become a qualifier and score the most goals finals. Since the 2014-2015 season, the momentum of C Ronaldo's goal is very fierce.

In his play 10 games in la liga, scored 18 goals. Has repeatedly broke the dusty la liga the scoring record. Apart from creating these la liga this season scoring record. C Ronaldo at all levels to create scoring record of 14 items. C Ronaldo is a man for the record. After the game, when it comes to the record, C Ronaldo was unceremoniously said: "I know that sooner or later, I will break the record. They put two buses in the penalty area, and then behind ambush waiting for us to make mistakes."

C Ronaldo this goal help Portugal in euro 2016 qualifiers with two victories, they also continue to sit I topped group. The Portuguese will with Lionel messi's upcoming friendly against Argentina team."This is just a friendly, if this is the World Cup, so it will be very special, but it's just a friendly", some C Ronaldo for the game, but it still had some special meaning, the Portuguese "because this is a friendly, so there is no any value."

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