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C Ronaldo denies Real Madrid bench Ancelotti said crisis

In the war on real Madrid late king cup 16 first leg away defeat after real Madrid coach carlo ancelotti admitted that the team promotion prospect is not optimistic. But he believes the team since the New Year in crisis of said some exaggerated. Real Madrid lost 2-0 at the calderon stadium atletico Madrid, plus the weekend to valencia, open since 2015 has had two defeats. But ancelotti denied that the team is going through a small crisis: "say what crisis has some exaggeration in it. After all, the knockout 90 minutes left."

Carlo ancelotti had to admit that, however, atletico Madrid in the two rounds of knockout has an advantage. He said: "we the rest of the select few, but we will catch tried everything possible to get a desperate." Real Madrid player, ronaldo was sitting on the bench, until when the game on 63 minutes when C Romania to replace J lo. After an hour, sitting on the bench of the Portuguese seem to be very not happy, from time to time with some hand gestures and language to express their dissatisfaction.

Cristiano ronaldo for the first time this season when substitute, real Madrid lost, it was the Spanish super cup second leg, 0 to 1 defeat to atletico Madrid and real Madrid watching rivals the silverware. The substitute cristiano ronaldo and defeat to atletico Madrid, second leg match if going back, real Madrid's king's cup trip ended in advance.

While ancelotti explained the reason why their arrangement cristiano ronaldo on the bench. He said: "cristiano ronaldo is a little bit tired, so I just let him play the game in the second half. It is important to note that this is just the first round of the knockout, anything is possible, we still have hope to win." The next real Madrid at the bernabeu and atletico Madrid on king's cup final second leg against one 8.

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