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C Ronaldo collar Golden Boot support rate lose Messi

Recently, successive misfiring in league messi seems to fall into the "crisis", even before the boss martino said messi has back to the peak, quite have the feeling of a wall all push. The control group, at the same time, like Lionel messi C Ronaldo is sought after by everyone. Champions league, it is Lionel messi and C Ronaldo secretly fighting another stage. Before the game, C Ronaldo scored 70 goals in the champions league, messi only 69 pitches, two people all want to more than 71 goals record kept raul. As a result, the high-spirited C Ronaldo has no goal, Lionel messi has scored twice.

This round of the champions league, one step distance equaling 71 pitches raul record of Portuguese, but in front of a pile of Liverpool substitute suddenly stopped the momentum of goal, but no won the ajax Barcelona in 18 years, messi to find the goal feeling, and one is two, and more importantly, he therefore better than C Ronaldo worm, equalling the record of raul, and obviously in the "Spanish" to steal the limelight. In macy's 71 goals, AC milan became his favorite target, macy's eight goals, but this time a brace of ajax tied for second with Arsenal, bayer leverkusen.

Latest top-earning athletes show boxer mayweather win sports, with $105 million in annual revenue in second place is the Portuguese star C Ronaldo, his revenues of $80 million, while messi C Ronaldo's income less than the $7.7 million. Not only that, on the same day, C Ronaldo awards ceremony in Madrid got their last season's European golden boot award. But the fans in a poll they didn't dare to C Ronaldo as the best sports history, but a football player. Unexpectedly, in this investigation, C Ronaldo's approval rating at 32.6%, against Lionel messi an approval rating of 34.4%.

Don't know C Ronaldo award is cheerful mood will be destroyed. C Ronaldo, of course, can also be set up and down round than Lionel messi and raul become champions league goals scored the first goal, but the next round, Barcelona a day earlier than real Madrid, Lionel messi is a record and might?

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