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C Ronaldo Refused to Make A Promise

C Ronaldo now in the team is very happy but he refused to make a commitment to his own future in Real Marid.

The 30-year-old Portuguese recently became the club's top scorer, and now there are more and more reports about his leaving the Bernabeu to former club Manchester United or Paris. But in an interview of EFE, he refused to commit himself the future in Real Madrid to clarify these rumors, though he said he was happy now.

"Now I am was very happy to be able to play for Real Madrid, but what will happen in the future I'm not sure. I will make the choice that makes me happy. I can't accept defeat, I am the best in my heart and this is what we should do if you want to be the best."

He is now competing with Messi at the Golden Globe Awards, although this season he did not perform so well. He also said he would not be influenced by the skeptics, and these questions would prompt him to progress.

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