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C Ronaldo Real Madrid Career Has Scored 66 Penalties

Real Madrid and Alaves game, C Ronaldo has created a new record, made the league 350 goals. Help C Ronaldo to achieve this record is the penalty, and ultimately in that game C Ronaldo hat-trick, declared the state of recovery.

In fact, the game with Alavis, C Ronaldo has two penalties; C Ronaldo also missed a shot. However, said Sports, Career Review C Ronaldo's scoring distribution, the penalty also occupy a large proportion.

C Ronaldo Real Madrid scored 265 league goals, including the number of 53 goals in the penalty, the proportion of 20%. If the statistics of other events, C Ronaldo Real Madrid scored 80 goals in the European, which scored 10 goals for the penalty, the ratio was 12.5%. King Cup events, C Ronaldo scored 21 goals, including three goals for the penalty, the ratio was 14.3%. In other words, C Ronaldo scored 371 goals for Real Madrid, in which penalty for 66 balls, 17.8%.

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