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C Ronaldo Name Is More Popular

C Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the world football twins, who is more loved by the world public still being controversial. However, on the newborn names link, C Ronaldo is more popular than Messi.

Since the British National Bureau relevant statistics 1996, a total of 248 newborns names have been taken as Messi or Ronaldo in England and Wales, which has 220 Ronaldo and 28 Messi. See that, C Ronaldo name is more popular. But do not forget the Brazilian alien also called Ronaldo.

In 2007 and 2008, C Ronaldo grew at Manchester United for the World Footballer, and in those two years, in England and Wales, a total of 42 newborns named Ronaldo.

Although the Argentine star had his debut in 2004 in Barcelona, from 2009 selected as the best player in the world until now, there only have been 28 newborns named Messi in England and Wales.

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