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C Ronaldo Global 20 Male Finalist

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The world's leading male monthly magazine "GQ", recently named the world's 20 major contemporary male. In accordance with the "GQ" argument, it is named "the most leading fashion man", not entirely depends on the appearance more on personal clothing, style, temperament and so on. There are three (former) football star finalists, namely C Ronaldo, Balotelli, and David Beckham.

C Ronaldo is the highest ranked football star, has its own brand of underwear, ranked No. 13. Retired Beckham has been such a frequent visitor in selection naturally, heartthrob ranked No. 17.

Global 20 Male Ranking:1. Kanye - West: American rapper 2. Ryan - Gosling: Canadian actor 3. Pharrell: Music producer 4. Jeff - Goldblum: American actor 5. Jared Leto (Jared Leto): American actor 6. Bradley - Cooper: American actor 7. LeBron - James: NBA star 8. A $ AP Rocky: American rapper 9. Jay Z: American hip hop artist 10. Brad - Pitt: American actor 11. Harry - Styles: British singer 12. Daniel - Craig: British actor 13. C Ronaldo: Portuguese football star 14. Russell Westbrook: NBA star 15. John Mayer American singer-songwriter 16. Jaden - Smith: American actor 17. David Beckham: retired football star 18. Mark Ronson: British singer 19. Mario Balotelli: Football star 20. Eddie Redmayne: British actor

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