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C Ronaldo Facebook Fans Global No.1

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C Ronaldo PK Messi has been football's most deserved game recently. The performance of the Twins at the competitive level can be described as a draw. However, to be on the popular social networking platform, Messi gap is relatively big from C Ronaldo. According to British media Daily Mail the latest news, C Ronaldo popularity on the famous social networking platform Facebook has surpassed Latin Shakira, and ranking the first place in the world.

In today's Facebook popularity ranking standings, C Ronaldo is the highest in the world. The number of Portuguese fans is up to 107 million, which makes him able to transcend Pique’s girlfriend Shakira, becoming the king on Facebook. In addition, in the sports stars field, C Ronaldo's popularity is also far better than the other stars.

Messi has 78 million followers on Facebook, ranking No. 2. Retired Beckham has 52 million fans, popularity among the top three. Other stars among former 10 of the sport are: Neymar (52 million ), Kaka (33 million), Ronaldinho (31 million), Ozil (28mil), Michael Jordan (28 million), Andres Iniesta (24 million), Kobe Bryant (21 million).

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