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C Ronaldo Attacks Juventus BBC Combination

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Faced with the forthcoming visit of Real Madrid attack group, the European football another "BBC" defense portfolio will defend Juventus in Turin. But what different from the past is that Real Madrid trio attack group is no longer complete. The C Ronaldo and Bell attack combination is equally threatening in the eyes of Juventus.

Bonucci, Barzagli and Chiellini (Bonucci-Barzagli-Chiellini) consisting of three Juve version defender "BBC" will usher in a tough battle. Let us wait and see whether they can stop C Ronaldo and Bell's fierce offense at home.

It is worth mentioning that Real Madrid BBC portfolio Benzema right knee medial collateral ligament sprain last month on April 14. Lately he has been training with the team. But the coach might consider that Benzema barely had time to recover status, slightly reluctantly participated in major battles, so discharged him from squad. Benzema may usher return after Real Madrid against Valencia in the league.

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