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By the German football association to prosecute fraud FIFA World Cup

Recently, FIFA announced about Russia and Qatar's bid to host the 2018 and the 2018 World Cup of bribery investigation report, ruled out for the possibility of the two World Cup host nation to vote. But it has not vanished, FIFA is refers to the distortion of investigation report, later sued, not only by the German football association "in place".

Confirmed by FIFA, responsible for the investigation of fraud, Michael Garcia, a former federal prosecutor in New York plans to appeal.Garcia accused FIFA report released version "is incomplete, and errors".Garcia for 2018 and 2022 World Cup bid process lasted 18 months of comprehensive survey, written by his report was 350 pages long.

vice President of FIFA, the British Jim boyce said, "in the light of the Garcia said, suggesting that he was dissatisfied with FIFA report. I will be waiting with interest to see what would later found."But the fa chairman Gerry's van dyck said he was surprised for Garcia's comments."If the report can't reflect his findings, so is the irony of the whole process of investigation. We've been asked to report all published Garcia, otherwise this so-called investigation as a joke."

Garcia said in a statement: "in the announcement, chairman of the ruling group, there are a large number of incomplete and misquoted in detail investigation report of the facts and conclusions. I intend to appeal the decision to appeal to the FIFA committee."The strong criticism from Germany for FIFA. German football league President of barr said, "the public doubt not all answered". If not complete report by World Cup bid, uefa 54 members even consider collective withdraw from FIFA in protest.

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